Our Services
Our assisted living facility offers a range of assistance services that take into consideration all activities of daily living, medication assistance and hospice options for residents that may need more gentle and attentive care.
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Our Services

We encourage therapeutic movements for our residents. While this may look different for each person individually, our goal is to facilitate good circulation. We want to work with your loved ones to help promote a healthy balance of movement and flexibility as much as possible. We encourage socialization through  group meals, group activities, and outdoor patio seating.
We understand that when your loved ones have dementia, it is hard on you as the family member and on them as they realize their limitations. We are here to provide support for your loved ones in all departments ranging from developing routine schedules to managing medications and hygiene. We are also prepared to assist them with redirection and providing a safe and relaxing environment to help ease their anxiety.
End of Life Care is a delicate subject matter, and we at ALC understand this and aim to handle it with grace and dignity. We are prepared to offer Hospice services that will accommodate you and your loved one’s specific needs. We want to make your loved one’s experience comfortable and reassure you, the family member in the process. Talk to us about your questions and concerns, we’d be happy to discuss.
We are pepared and available to help with daily tasks of living such as housekeeping, daily hygiene, assistance with medication management and more. Our residents get scheduled healthy meals and assistance tailored to their level of need.
We believe healing comes from the inside out, this is why we offer well-balanced meals and snacks that support your loved one’s bodily well-being. We provide three wholesome meals a day along with snacks as desired. We have planned menus to take out the guesswork and allow for predetermined accommodations.
A clean, organized, and neat environment is conducive to efficient functioning and that is why we pride ourselves in maintaining a clean environment that promotes wellness and proper functioning.

We Offer 2 Locations

A photo of the entrance to ALC Assisted Living

Fair Oaks Care Home

6705 Judistine Drive
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

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A photo of the exterior of a care home in North Highlands

North Highlands Home

6129 Sunday Drive
North Highlands, CA 95660

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